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We are Here to Answer Your Burning Questions

Do you want more information about our manufacturing facilities and credentials? Are you interested in working with our team of engineers or technical experts to transform your dream into a reality? 


Our Masterpiece Technologies experts are happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have! Reach out to us through your preferred method of communication at any time. You can expect a member of our staff to respond within 24-hours.


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Nati Gold

Co-founder VP Operation


Baruch Gold

Co-founder VP Quality Assurance


Michael Cherniak

Director of Operations


Yaniv Yiron

Co-founder CEO


Diti Asiag Berrevoet

Head of Business Development & Marketing 

Javier Shocron.png

Javier Shocron

Chief Business Officer

Alon Shuster.png

Alon Shuster

Operation Executive

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