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Innovative Technology

About Us

Masterpiece Technologies: A home with a range of technologies

Our Story

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

With more than 50 years of collective experience our Masterpiece Technologies team of experts is well-versed in ideating, designing, and executing unique parts and assemblies for various industries. Notably, we specialise in creating parts, machines, and other assemblages for the aerospace, communication, semiconductor, medical, printing, and packaging industries.

We are proud to announce that we have extended our valuable solutions to the European Union. As a B2B corporation, we are passionate about aiding each of our business clients in achieving their unique vision and mission. We show this level of care for our individual clients through excellent customer service and in-depth consultations.

Our technological solutions and services impressively range from injection moulding and CNC milling and turning all the way to EDM wire cutting, 3D printing in both plastic and metal, and even laser welding and cutting. We are also pleased to offer solutions in photo-etching and coatings as well as surface treatments.

It is our vision to establish trusting relationships with our business clients through the renowned transparency and integrity of our approach. In addition, we are committed to securing positive and long-lasting partnerships by ensuring each solution, service, and product we offer is of the highest quality the industry has to offer.

Innovative Technology
Our Story

Who Are We

Yaniv Yiron


Co-founder and CEO of Masterpiece Technologies B.V.

Yaniv has served as the CEO of various technology companies for the past 18 years in the fields of CNC machining, plastic injections, and assembly lines.

Yaniv is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation and aerospace industries. He is skilled in operation management, team building, leadership, and strategic planning.

He holds a degree from the Open University of Israel.

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Nati Gold


Co-founder and VP of Operations

Nati has held managerial positions within several technology companies since 2003.
Nati has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management; he has moved from production to VP of Operations at Masterpiece Technologies.

His credo is to continually meet critical demands from customers through creative problem-solving skills.

Baruch Gold


Co-founder and VP of Quality Assurance

Baruch holds a B.S. in physics and has extensive experience spanning over 40 years in the field of CNC machining. Under his leadership, his first company grew from just one CNC machine to 30 computerized machines operating in three shifts, 24 hours a day.

Presently, Baruch functions as the technical manager and CFO of Masterpiece Technologies.

He considers Masterpiece Technologies an excellent opportunity to expand our expertise to new horizons.

Who we are

Our Mission

Innovative Technology. Quality Solutions. Excellent Service

Innovative Technology

As our industry is ever-changing, we consider it our ongoing mission to stay updated on today's best practices in parts manufacturing and technology solutions. We are dedicated to thoroughly understanding the needs of our business clients; therefore, our technology services and solutions are designed to streamline all aspects of your business and workflow.

Our team of experts make it a point to get to know the vision and goals of our business clients. This way, our Masterpiece Technologies team can ideate and execute solutions, parts, and products that perfectly match your requirements. In addition, we are persistent in making sure our solutions go through thorough quality checks before delivery.

Furthermore, our services don't end upon delivery. As it is our goal to make sure our solutions provide true value. We are adamant about staying in contact with our business clients as they implement our services and solutions. This way, we can provide swift customer service if any additional advice or troubleshooting is needed upon delivery.

Our Mission

Why Choose Masterpiece Technologies

Quality, Integrity, and Swift Delivery

Comprehensive Solutions

From the design and analysis of our solutions to the processing of the products and quality control
inspections, our team of experts is committed to ensuring our business clients receive only the best solutions and products. Furthermore, once our products are created and ready to go, we are mindful of securing swift shipment for the convenience of our clients.

Complete Transparency

As it is our vision to establish trusting and long-lasting relationships with our business clients, we operate with full transparency. This way, we can create customised parts, assemblies, and other solutions fully tailored to your requirements and preferences. Our seamless communication methods guarantee positive and effective outcomes for our clients.

Quality Control

As we are a one-stop-shop for technological services and solutions, we are consistently putting forth investigative efforts to pinpoint any room for improvement on our part. As such, our workflows are finely tuned for maximum efficiency and quality for our business partners. More specifically, we have teams designated to ensure our outcomes are accurate, precise, and consistent in quality. We invest in only the best quality resources on the market to make sure our technology solutions are top-notch and high performing.


Our corporate clients are world changers and innovators. Therefore, we want our technological solutions to be easily accessible and affordable for the betterment of our society and planet. Although our solutions are designed by a celebrated team of experts utilizing high-quality resources, we are committed to keeping our prices cost-effective. Knowing that we helped our business partners make a positive difference in the world is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job.

Swift Fulfilment

Our Masterpiece Technologies' state-of-the-art tracking system allows us to deliver swift solutions. We have streamlined our processes and have strategically stationed key professionals to ensure our business clients receive their technology solutions in a timely manner. From the brainstorming phase to the fulfillment and delivery of your solution or product, we are known for our swift delivery of quality solutions.

Relevant Solutions

Business clients from all over the world turn to our Masterpiece Technologies solutions for today's most updated best practices. Therefore, we are diligent in staying current on the trends and innovations happening within our industry. When working with our Masterpiece Technologies team, you can rest assured that you are never receiving outdated solutions.

Unrelenting Client Service

In addition to our efficient workflows and competitive prices, we are mindful of ensuring our solutions are both accurate and highly effective. Therefore, we strictly follow all ISO 9001, AS9100D, and ISO 13485 guidelines for processing. We take a collaborative approach to make sure our solutions meet your business's timely goals.
There are reasons why we are a leading supplier of groundbreaking and leading technologies, and one of those reasons is our unrelenting approach to client service.

Why Us?

For more information about our technology solutions and products, we invite you to contact us.

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